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    Years of experience in the field of translation and interpretation support our performance.

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    Accurate handling of specific terminology for multiple technical disciplines.

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    Not only linguistics but also the culture surrounding the conference is essential for successful results.


  • Jessica is a highly efficient and committed professional, an expert in the area. I have recently commissioned her a work of great technical difficulty, which she undoubtedly solved with ease and earned much praise from a demanding audience. I certainly hope to be able to work with her in the future!

    Silvina - Executive Secretary - OSAF
  • The professionalism shown by Jessica and Fernanda was outstanding in all the technical seminars they worked for us. Our customers have always emphasized their linguistic performance.

    María - Supertec S.A.



We are a team of translators and interpreters with a sound academic background, vast experience and profound specialization in various disciplines. Our purpose is to facilitate communication and understanding among people from different cultures and idiosyncrasies through translation and interpretation in several languages.
As part of our professional work, we study, do research and assimilate the subject-matter of each project we translate and interpret with the purpose of attaining the highest possible accuracy of the work. We strongly encourage team work with our clients, with whom we establish a fruitful communication channel to obtain the best quality of the work. We constantly optimize our translation performance by means of the latest translation software tools, quality assurance steps, the creation and collection of specific terminology glossaries of each technical discipline and for each client in particular, and the permanent upgrade of our professional standards.
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